Through the Fog

I started out this hike with low expectations, knowing the weather wasn’t supposed to be very good, lots of cloud coverage and it had been raining the day before. My good friend Danny and I met at the trailhead around 5:00 am and began our headlamp journey through the trees.  When we were able to hike by natural light about 1/2 way up to the lookout, we realized we were engulfed in a huge cloud/fog coverage. I found this quite alright, being that it gave our scenery a mystic feel and gave us the urge to keep wandering through the foggy scenery.  As we got closer to the summit it seemed that the cloud coverage was thinning and specks of sunlight were shining through; eager to see if the sun was anywhere to be seen at the top we moved on at a quicker pace.

As soon as we crawled out of the cloud coverage, we turned around to see what we had been hiding in and BOOM, we were stunned at our scenery (And I’m not even to the good part yet).  Magnificent peaks poking out through the white fluffy clouds, and beautiful warm sunshine spilling out over the mountain tops to illuminate the heavenly sight.  We were still not to the lookout and we knew that there was more to see so we urged on and came to ridge line that would lead us to the lookout.  As we reached this ridge line, we could barely see over the top of the trail, tips of mountains, but only a fraction of what was to come.  As my eyesight adjusted and I came to the first wide viewpoint and was it with giant wave of joy.  I was seeing one of the most  magnificent  sights i have ever seen.  It was as if I could tough he clouds, walk across them and be at the mountains that I was seeing across the see of clouds.  The clarity I felt was unreal, I had all I needed and it was right in front of me. I will never forget that moment, it is the closest to God I have felt in a long time…everything was beautiful.  I was content with sitting, staring and taking it all in.

What started out as a skeptical jaunt through the woods turned into a heavenly, beautiful mountaintop experience.

These photos shown below are taken by Danny. I will post mine soon!DGG_6700 DGG_6720 DGG_6726 DGG_6762 DGG_6794 DGG_6820 DGG_6821


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