Being born and raised in Washington, the mountains have been my playground. As I’ve grown up, my love and appreciation for hiking, backpacking, and simply exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest has grown as well.  I think it is only fair that I share the beauty that I see on each and every adventure I go on. Life takes me outside of the great state of Washington often, traveling is a wonderful part of experiencing life and is an essential key to finding out things about yourself. On a day to day basis you will most likely find me wearing some sort of workout get up and sweating through a tough training session. I enjoy strength training, high intensity intervals, and other forms of fitness such as mobility work, rowing and running.  Fitness and nutrition are two very important parts of my life.  Nutrition is more important than training to me, and I find that properly fueling my body helps me perform better, not only physically, but mentally and in emotionally.

My mission and my passion: Our children and youth need hope, they need motivators who support, love, and provide healthy, happy environments to grow in.  Physical activity not only keeps us physically fit, but also keeps our brains healthy, which in turn helps children engage and advance in all other subject areas. I believe that as a Physical Education and Health teacher I will provide the tools and practice for students to grow  a love for being fit, so that it becomes a want and not a need.  Healthy habits are formed early, and produce happy, resilient, and confident children.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m amazed at your passion for what you do and why you do it. I’m most impressed by the way you present yourself as a daughter of God!

  2. Romans 6:23! It’s comforting to know that there are people with that mindset who are not afraid to let it show!

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