Heavenly Thoughts

Sunday mornings are my favorite..dad puts on the classical music and begins to brew up some fresh coffee, mom reads the paper as my sister sings along to the ballads, and my brother naps next to my feet on the couch…This morning was one of inner calmness and peace…not just because I was surrounded by … More Heavenly Thoughts

Open your Heart

Open your eyes Open your eyes You’ve gotta see the truth to see the lies Open your eyes Open your eyes You’ve gotta feel the lows to feel the highs What’s coming over me? I can barely breathe Everyone can see Everyone but me Open you heart Open you heart Put together, why’d you tore … More Open your Heart


  This weekend I was able to finally get out and get lost in the the Pacific Northwest. I traveled over Snoqualmie Pass towards North Bend where I went  on a 7-8 mile trek to a few Alpine lakes (Talapus and Ollalie). The weather was stellar, a bit windy but I love the sound of … More Guidance

the Journey

• the relationship between you and Jesus Christ allows you to go places you could never reach on your own • constant care, love, prayer, and faith will not fail you, Jesus will be by your side through every struggle, and celebrate with you for every joyous moment • He is always there for us, in … More the Journey


Don’t ever lose the desire to explore this great world. Let your heart be filled with joy and happiness from the beauty of your surroundings.